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Shiva is one of the most popular gods in Indian mythology. Shiva is an important deity also in Hinduism. With his ten avatars, Shiva has many stories to tell about his deeds and adventures. Shiva is often described as Nataraja - the yogi who dances on the cosmic Turtle (also known as Huvahnu), which represents creation, preservation, and destruction of the universe. This book tells about most of these ten incarnations of Shiva along with some stories from other sources like Valmiki Ramayana and Bhagavata Purana to give broader perspective on this great god's life story. In this way it also tries to give a historic background of India in his time period. The book describes Shiva as the popular warrior, the cosmic dancer, and much more. This book is popular in Nepal and India. In Nepal, Shiv Chitra Katha is read in Nepali language in a simple way so that all children can understand easily. In India, Shiv Charitra Katha is very popular in Hindi language and available for free download from different websites. You can find many stories from Shiv Charitra Katha in Hinduism Forums on Internet.

Note: 1.Some stories and incidents contained in this book are taken from several sources like Valmiki Ramayana, Bhagavata Purana, Shiva Purana etc. For better understanding of Indian culture and mythology, it is suggested to read original source material too. Shiv Charitra Kathi has been published in Tamil language by Yavakobara Ammal collection on Bhagavatha Watchtower. The following is the list of stories in this book: 1.Shiva's Early Life (Birth of Shiva) 2.Birth of Ganesh (Ganesh Chaturthi) 3.Ganesha Kills Demons Vigna and Mahishasura (Mahishasura Mardini) 4.Vivasana Rishi's Story (Shivaratri Songs) 5.Origin Story of Linga (Lingodbava Songs) 6.Sati Prays to Shiva (& Bhajans) 7.Pavana Bhairava's Story (Onam Songs) 8. Hanuman's Birth (Hanuva songs) 9.Vasuki, the King of Rivers (Varuna songs) 10.Vishnu & Shiva Parashuram (Kowdiar Songs) 11.Brahma's Story in Shiv Charitra Kathi (Bhagavata Purana songs) 12.The Origin of Paplu Tree (Ramanga Songs)(He is called as Daasamharamma in Valmiki Ramayana and Chaturthi in old Sanskrit hymns.) 13.The Story of the Archer Arjuna's Gandiva(Arjun dashavataru kavya) 14.


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